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“What’s the difference between a Content Coach and an Editor?” I am often asked this question. Well, I can speak about the results of my work and results my clients get. Working with me you move into conscious competency that enables you to speak from a position of power and confidence about what you do and attract your ideal client.

Written in your voice and boiled down to the essentials, becomes clear on the core message and is clearly communicated on your website, in your public speaking gigs, blogs, and anywhere you communicate. You develop the confidence that allows you to write effective emails, talks, classes, blogs, posts, and whatever you choose to take on in the future. As we progress through our work together, I share nuggets of how people process information so that you can continue on your own when you choose to work on your own.

During our sessions you begin to regard yourself, your work in a new light with more clarity as you change your language which changes your frequency and with that you get more of the things you want. While I assist with your content, I am bringing in the client perspective and reflecting your expertise in ways that respond to potential clients’ pain points and/or desires.

While I contribute in editing along the way, your voice is the one that matters and we work together on your content in a co-creative way where you gain the knack of doing it yourself. I believe it is better to teach a person to fish and that is how I operate.

An avid reader from a young age, words fascinated me. I found it amazing to be transported to another time and place or to feel emotions in extremes as a direct result of the words crafted by the author.

I researched, studied, and learned how people process information and in doing so, began to contribute new ways of expressing information in a number of ways when I worked in the High Tech industry. Training became a natural outlet for me and then training development. Before long I defined the project life cycle for projects spanning 6 to 18 months in a variety of businesses.

In industries from High Tech to Headstones, I created and revamped training, workflows, documentation, and customer forms.

Why?! Let me tell you:

Customer Forms provide a gateway to the business. If the customer navigates the form easily, they feel grateful that getting what they need or desire is simple, maybe even intuitive.

Documentation describes why this business is unique in the world, as well as clarifies what the business does and how it operates. If the customer is looking a specific business or service and can easily connect, then the relationship begins.


I see patterns in the way things work and understand how to make them more effective and efficient. My efforts result in clarifying the content and designing fluid processes while keeping quality paramount. Creating a fluid process also makes the work more interesting or, at the very least, more tolerable.

Getting to know your preferences and work style, gives me insight into the possibilities of how you can accomplish all you envision with a plan that fits you.