You understand that the words you use to express what you do, matter and now are ready to:

  • more powerfully state all that you do.  
  • share it through your own signature program.
  • refine the way you do what you do looking at it with experienced eyes.  

Keeping the spirit of the way you communicate remains paramount to my work. Sometimes, your content is simply reduced, while other times I'll ask you questions to get to the heart of your authentic message. 

My role in this work employs the Art & Science of how people process information to add resonance to your communications; in programs, content, and processes that keep you going. Most working sessions occur online allowing us to co-create in real-time. 


Retainer Options

Retainer Option 1

2 hours per month, 3 month minimum, $175 per month
($205 savings for 3 month agreement over ad hoc hourly rate)

Ideal for busy business professionals who desire the ongoing quality that comes from engaging in critique of outgoing information such as:

  • Blogs
  • Newsletters
  • Event Announcements
  • Updates to website, offerings, events

Retainer Option 2

3 hours per month, 3 month minimum,  $255 per month
($450 savings for 3 month agreement over regular hourly rate)

Ideal for the established business:

  • Looking to keep website content fresh and publishes regularly (Blogs, Newsletters, Events, etc.) 
  • Developing website content for evolving business
  • Growing beyond existing processes and invested in keeping quality through the evolution

Retainer Option 3:

5 hours per month, 3 month minimum, $475 per month
($350 savings for 3 month agreement)

Ideal for the evolving business:

  • Experiencing growth spurts and feeling overwhelmed
  • Needing new content to better describe and define the evolution

Ideal for the brand new business:

  • Needing polished, profession web content to clearly describe the business, offerings, and About Page
  • Defining the whats and hows of their business to po tential clients


Freshen Up

5 hours - $550

Ideal starting point for clients with existing content, either online or workshop/program content. 

We see where you are, determine where you want to go, and go there!


10 hours - $990

We work together closely to get to the heart of what you intend, whether you have a ton of information or the beginning of a great idea.

Perfect for clients with either: 

  • a new website or new workshop/program, or
  • revamping existing content, either online or workshop/program.

We always start where you are and discuss where you want to go. Together we explore how to make that happen and adjust the plan as we go to fit the picture you desire.



1-4 hours - $125 per hour
Some people choose to schedule an hour or two periodically to get some input on a project and that's all they need until the next time. 

Client feedback:

Kathy Peterman, Blogger & Mimimalist

I thought she could help me find typos, but it was sooo much more! Ailey Hines helped me write key pages of my blog, Simple Up. She played a part in revising my "About" page, which still moves me to this day. So, when I needed help to convert an online challenge into a program for sale to my clients, she's the first person I thought of.  

I put out a lot of content and she got to know me well enough just through reading my blog to help me write in a more clear, concise, and supportive voice. Not only did she transform my words to be "more me", she coached me in coming from the voice of the expert that I am in decluttering and helping people transform their lives. Subtle tips made a big impact in a holistic way and pretty soon she was helping me create videos to compliment my written work. Thanks for going beyond words to make me step up my game several notches! I couldn't have done it without you. 

Ready to uplevel your business's communications?

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